Brusson, Val d'Ayas

Brusson e la Val d'Ayas

Brusson, lying in the heart of splendid Val d'Ayas, Valle d'Aosta.

At a height of 1,338 m, Brusson is a well-known tourist location characterized by a temperate climate. The abundance of springs and lakes make it a particularly attractive location for excursions . A Barma Drola is located in Estoul, a small hamlet at a height of 1,850 m, in a wide basin of pastures and pinewoods facing Graines Castle.

Brusson derives from the Latin “Bruxeum“ meaning gold mines. Examples of these were exploited by the Salassi people close to Frudière lakes within the municipality. The origins of the built up area date back to Roman times. Graines Castle was built in the 10th century by the Saint-Maurice d‘Agaune Abbey and then sold to the Challant Family in 1200.A 10-minute walk from our bed and breakfast will take you to Chamousira mines that are open the public.

During the winter, 30 km of downhill ski slopes and cross country ski tracks provide fun for everyone. Foyer de Fond is a cross-country ski centre used for international ski races. From Brusson you soon reach Estoul, then on foot Monte Bieteron where the downhill slopes cut through larch woods and towards Punta Palasina with its gentle mountain slopes – perfect for ski touring.

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