Le sei camere di A Barma Drola

Find your ideal place to rest

I’ve always found the woodlands a place of enchantment, perhaps because of the light, perhaps it’s the idea of getting lost, wandering aimlessly or perhaps it’s because each tree is different with its own nature and personality. I’ve given the rooms the names of these trees. At times, as I wander through the house and look out of the Swiss Pine room and the Larches room, I feel as if I were inside a tree trunk. Just like once, as a lad, I stopped along the pathway to the Garda Pass while the snow was falling. I slipped under a huge larch tree, it was so broad and overhanging that it sheltered me. I stayed there some time. It’s difficult to find the words to describe the sound of the snow driven by the wind, in theory there should be no sound but that magical sound (or silence) has stayed with me for the rest of my life.

This house reminds me of that place and that state of mind. No, I’d rather it recalled that state of mind: not always understandable, at times impalpable, but in some ways very clear.

Larches, Swiss Pine, Scots Pine, Spruce , Cherry tree , Alders, each of these trees has something different, each one lives in a different place. Depending on where and how it grows denotes a different character: beside the water or on a steep drop, in the open sunlight or in the shade - the same way people search for the ideal place to live.

Guests at A Barma Drola have free WiFi to guarantee Internet coverage. There are no TV sets.

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